Winter Solstice and Whatnots

Winter is officially here! I suppose in Westeros that’s a bad thing, but here in the desert it marks the best time of the year. The weather is cool enough to appreciate an extra blanket, but warm enough not to immediately wish for summer upon stepping out the door (smile). Today at 4:03pm MST was the 2014 Winter Solstice, marking the shortest day for the northern hemisphere. It’s all longer days and sunshine from here!

Arizona, hike

I’ve never exclusively written about it here, but I generally subscribe to religion and follow all and none of the individual sects’ ideas of what that word entails. I enjoy all manner of celebrations and respect each opinion on the best way to throw a party (smile). For Winter Solstice this year I actually remembered to light a candle and salute the sun, for, you know, doing all it does. I put science firmly in the back of my mind as I must in pretty much any ritual setting and just enjoyed the meditation on surviving these shortening days and moving back into the sunshine.

In case anyone hasn’t heard, this week also marks the celebration of Christmas. I’ve literally bitten my cheek many times this past month or so and tried my best to remember kindness in the face of rudeness in order to find those few presents that hopefully show the thought behind them. I’ll head back to Alabama on Christmas Eve straight into the familiar familial chaos for a week or so. I don’t know that I’m really looking forward to this time away, but I welcome the break from work.

Dreams Goals Motivation

During my all too brief downtime these days I’ve been reflecting on this past year and trying to really solidify some goals for 2015. For some time now I’ve set aside the monthly goals with the thought “oh I’ll just do that next year.” Procrastination at its finest. Instead of being overly hard on myself for procrastinating, I’ve decided to just let it go and use this time to try to pull dreams from my head to turn them into goals with strategies. I read an article the other day that said you’re early thirties are generally a time where you either settle down or shake up your life. And here I thought that came later…anyway, at least I’m not alone I suppose (smile).

In other news, like most blogs seem to be doing this time of year, things may be a bit quieter around here for the remaining 10 days or so of this year. I will, however, be on social media in an attempt to keep me sane for those days! So please feel free to follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter for updates!

I hope everyone has a very lovely and light-filled holiday, whatever you call it and however you celebrate it. Peace be upon you all.

Luminaria, Phoenix, Arizona

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