Weekly Photo Challenge: From the Depths

This week’s photo challenge is “depth.” I didn’t get much diving in last year due to health issues, but I’m certainly hoping to change that in 2015 – I actually miss it. I would love to finally leave the fresh water and head into the great salty wide open for a bit more clarity and color, but one fear at a time (smile). I know these aren’t top quality but they’re from our GoPro, taken at about 30 foot depth at Lake Havasu here in Arizona (lakes tend to be murkier by nature.) There’s a sailboat wreck that’s a super popular spot for us amateur-divers-in-training. So creepy yet so wickedly cool! I think the fishes are my favorite part of being down there (smile).

Fish at Lake Havasu dive

Hello fishes!

people in mirror at dive site lake havasu

My dive buddy & I

Happy weekend everyone!!

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: From the Depths

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