Travel Tuesday: Fallingwater

Happy Travel Tuesday everyone! I’m happy to be back after a bit of a January hiatus – it was just one of those months! I came across these photos of Fallingwater the other day and thought it would be a fun experience to share with you guys.

Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright, Pennsylvania architecture


Fallingwater is a home located outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the home was built for the Kaufmann family in the late 1930s. The house is actually built over a waterfall (hence the name), and incorporates many of the natural elements throughout the buildings. In 1966 the house was dedicated as a National Historic Landmark.

I admit that up until we visited this site, I didn’t know who Frank Lloyd Wright actually was – something my brother was all too happy to remedy. Wright believed in designing structures that were in harmony with humanity and its environment, a philosophy he called “organic architecture.” In 1991, he was recognized by the American Institute of Architects as the “greatest American architect of all time.” Fallingwater, appropriately enough, has been called “the best all-time work of American architecture,” and is thought to be the ultimate example of Wright’s organic architecture philosophy.

Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright, Pennsylvania architecture

From above


Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright, Pennsylvania architecture


Even for someone who is not a huge architecture person, this place is definitely a worthwhile experience. It certainly opened my eyes to the art of finding a harmony between nature and modern living. Even today this house is still considered “modern;” just imagine how progressive it must have seemed when it was built!

Fallingwater is open to the public for tours, although photography is not permitted indoors. There are also workshops that take place on site for those who are so inclined. The location is a bit remote, but the surrounding landscape makes for a beautiful drive (smile) – and there are several other historic stops in the area as well.

Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright, Pennsylvania architecture

One of the surrounding waterfalls

Have you ever visited a Frank Lloyd Wright building??

Travel Tuesday

7 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: Fallingwater

    • It’s truly a very tranquil place. I would love to be able to stay there for a few nights! They actually do have classes, workshops, etc where you stay on the property, but I’m pretty sure my stick figures wouldn’t cut their admissions standards πŸ™‚


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