Weekly Photo Challenge: Large Scale

This week’s photo challenge is “scale.” Even though I see these unassuming giants on a regular basis, it never ceases to amaze me just how large they are when I see them in contrast with other objects! Well, except for the giant ants aka my worst nightmare after watching Them! at an inappropriately young age. Always in such a hurry to grow up (smile).

giant saguaro cactus arizona

For reference of scale, my lovely assistant there is about 5’2″

giant ant saguaro Desert Botanical Garden


Happy weekend everyone!!

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Large Scale

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  3. I almost posted a similar photo, how funny. I love saguaros and can’t believe how tall they are sometimes. I remember seeing those metal ants at the Botanical Garden. I wonder if they are still on display.

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    • It is pretty amazing just how big the saguaros can grow – and how prolific they really are given all the challenges to them. Somehow it’s easy to forget until you’re up close or there’s something nearby for scale!
      Sadly the giant bug exhibit has moved on from the Botanical Garden – some of them were cool, but not so much the spiders… I haven’t heard yet about what’s next.


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    • Arizona – the top one was somewhere in the middle of the desert (go figure) and the other is from the local Desert Botanical Garden. They have great exhibits, although I’m not too sure how I feel about some of the giant bugs (i.e., spiders) in this one! πŸ™‚

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