Never Have I Ever…Travel Edition

Have you ever played the “Never Have I Ever…” game? There are tons of variations on this, but perhaps the most used version in my younger years was a drinking game. You take turns filling in the blank – if the other people in the group have done it, they take a shot, etc. I always found this to be somewhat unfair, as it inevitably turned dirty and all the “angels” also happened to be the sober ones at the end. So I would always use my turn to try to find ways to allow them to join in. (smile)

Anyway, Belinda at Found Love, Now What? has set up an awesome Blog Every Day In May linkup and “Never Have I Ever…” was today’s prompt. I haven’t been able to follow along every day, but this one was just too good to pass up! Since it’s also Travel Tuesday, I thought this would be a fun spin on things. Oh, and feel free to use this later as your own drinking game. No judgment. (smile)

Alabama, wood gnawed by beaversKnock-on-Wood

Never have I ever…
…been arrested in a foreign country (or in my own thankfully)
…lost my passport
…been stranded in a foreign country
…gotten food poisoning
…been to the emergency room/hospital
…fallen off a boat

Canopy bed, ThailandOoh-la-la / Tsk tsk

Never have I ever…
…had a one night stand with a local while abroad
…been mistaken for a “lady of the night” (my poor friend however…)
…had a long distance relationship
…done drugs

Airplane seatsHigh flying

Never have I ever…
…missed a flight on purpose
…gotten totally drunk on a plane
…flown first class
…flown in a helicopter

Pacific Ocean BeachSomeday

Never have I ever…
…taken an overnight train
…been scuba diving in the ocean
…stayed at an all-inclusive resort
…visited all 50 states
…been to an island in the Pacific Ocean
…lived with a local (family)


11 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever…Travel Edition

    • Yes! Some of these I’m certainly in no hurry to experience – like the food poisoning. Ugh – I have great sympathy for those that have gone through that experience! I’m always tempted to buy the 1st class upgrade on a short flight somewhere just to say that I’ve done it, but I’m still holding out hope for a more true experience 🙂


  1. Your poor friend! But sounds like a good story 🙂
    Never have I ever…done many of the things you haven’t done either. I would really like to go on a helicopter ride though. That one is stuck in my head lately.
    I couldn’t imagine getting arrested in a foreign country. I would be so scared. Well come to think of it I’d be scared being arrested at home too!


    • Lol – I do have a bit of fun giving her a hard time about that experience! It happened in Rio and well, we both learned that it pays to do your research on the rules of “social interactions” for the culture you’re visiting 🙂
      I agree that the helicopter ride would be amazing! I’ve been inside several, but always on the ground. I’ve always felt like that experience should happen somewhere epic (like the Grand Canyon), but I imagine anywhere would look pretty amazing from that perspective 🙂


  2. Interesting and definitely a great way to learn a little bit about another in this blogosphere. I admit that “lady of the night” had me chuckling because I had the misfortune while in Paris of being thought of as such. I thought he just found me attractive until I had a bartender translate for me. Oh the joys of travel! Great post!


    • Oh no! Apparently that mistake happens more frequently than I realized (although I’m not telling my friend that – it would spoil the fun!). The joys of traveling indeed – stories like that make for great memories, even if they aren’t so amusing in the moment 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and sharing!


      • Yeah that was a first for me….in that fashion anyhow. Usually I just get mistaken for NOT being American but never for being a hooker LOL!!! Yeah don’t spoil the laughs…let your friend think it was just her this happens to lol!!!

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  3. I recommend you take an overnight train trip. It has been ages since I did so, but I still vividly remember looking out into the indigo night of the Ontario wilderness or the seeing the silent dark shapes of the Rocky Mountains outside the window. Better yet, the train through the Canadian Rockies had a dome car.


    • Sounds like a rather beautiful – and memorable – experience! I would love to go on one of the major train rides – the Canadian Rockies, the Trans-Siberian, etc. – but I’d settle for an overnight to say Texas as well. Thanks for the tip on the dome car – that definitely puts a point in the Rockies’ favor 🙂

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