Around Arizona: Utah Border

Last week I was lucky enough to land myself a work trip up to the Arizona/Utah border. I wasn’t originally scheduled for this trip, but I was asked to step in for a co-worker last minute. Never one to turn down an opportunity to get paid to be away from my desk, I jumped at the opportunity; the fact that the field visit just happened to be in one of my favorite parts of the state was really just the proverbial cherry on top! Today is just a few snapshots from last week’s adventure – and a bit of carrying on about how much I heart this area. (smile)


If pressed, I would probably say the AZ/UT border ties southeast AZ as my favorite part of the state. It’s a higher altitude plateau area with stunning rock formations of all colors. This is also the area with the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, and Monument Valley (just to name a few).




purple prickly pear blooms, Arizona desert

To me, this is what I think of when I think of Arizona. I think I love this area so much because it is so different – the landscape, the colors, and the people. A great deal of this area is tribal land, which can make for some unique opportunities for travelers.

I’ve always had a special interest in Native Americans, but that’s for another post. Part of this trip actually did involve a local tribe and I can’t tell you how honored I was to be included. Because of this involvement, however, I’m not really at liberty to point out exactly where these photos are from (on that note – if you recognize a location not specified here, please don’t call it out). Realistically, it doesn’t matter where these particular photos are from – any route that runs through this area is easily a photographer’s paradise!

Vermillion Cliffs panoramic, Arizona

Vermillion Cliffs

Click photo above for full effect.

7 thoughts on “Around Arizona: Utah Border

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  2. what a great opportunity! Thanks for sharing! I love the Native American people and culture too! Have you ever watched Dr.Quinn, Medicine Woman? Now its just a tv show but they deal with Native Americans a lot on the show. Portrayed in a good way and I enjoy it. I always feel guilty tho when the show shows how some were really treated by us. Makes me ashamed and I cheer Dr.Quinn on as she stands up for them. LOL!

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    • Yes! It’s amazing how much my perspective has changed watching the show now vs. when it originally aired. It was definitely ahead of it’s time in a lot of ways. I’ve worked with different tribes here and there throughout school/career and it is so fascinating to see not only how unique each tribe is, but also how differently they are all treated for various reasons. I feel like I could write an essay πŸ™‚ Needless to say, it’s certainly interesting!


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