2015 Ramblings Update

Well hello July! You’d think I’d be used to how fast time seems to move these days, but it never fails to take me by surprise! As we’re now officially into the second half of 2015, I thought it’d be a good time for a check-in on my travel goals for the year. You know, accountability and all that… (smile)


My goal for the year was to head to Louisiana, Ohio, and South Dakota. So far I’ve checked off 2 out of 3 while managing to get a few other states in as well. I’m waiting on a work trip to go to South Dakota, but hoping that comes soon (preferably before any snow!). So far I’ve been to…

Alabama – the first trip of the year was, unfortunately, to go back for my grandfather’s funeral. After going back and forth so much the last year or so, it feels strange not to be doing so this year but I don’t have any plans to return til Christmas.

Wyoming snow sky windmill

Snowy Wyoming

Wyoming – a very cold work trip but so beautiful! I’m so glad we got this project as it’s opened up a whole new section of the country to me. When I thought of Wyoming, Montana, etc. I always just thought snow, but now I’ve seen the beauty! I’ll definitely be exploring more of this part of the country in the near future.

Louisiana – ah New Orleans…a morning in a cemetery, an afternoon in a voodoo shop, and a night on Bourbon Street. Notice only two of those got blog posts – what happens in NOLA… (wink)

black and white crane in water

Huntington Beach bird

California – oh sweet escape! I wish I could afford to live here full time, but I’m oh so grateful to have friends to visit instead. (smile) A nice break from the desert and a chance to spoil my niece – sweet escape indeed.

Utah – another work trip, but of a very different nature. We had a lovely day of field work learning from a local tribe. Beautiful scenery + history = happy girl!
Ohio – I’ve only begun to recount the Ohio adventures, but there were many – so many more than I’d ever expected! I give big kudos to my brother for his willingness to indulge me in driving all over the state in pursuit of the weird and wonderful. (smile) I can’t wait to share more with you guys!

Vermillion Cliffs panoramic, Arizona

Vermillion Cliffs

Around Arizona

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument
Tumacacori National Historic Park
Bartlett Lake
Hot Air Balloon Excursion

Mooney Falls, Havasupai, Arizona, waterfall

Havasupai Preview 🙂


Havasupai Falls – Okay, so technically this one has already happened, but it was “upcoming” when I drafted this, so I’m leaving it here. All I’ll say now is that it was epic!

South Dakota – Still waiting on this one, but the plans are in place once we’re in the area! Mount Rushmore here I come! (smile)

Solo adventure – I technically have this one booked, but I’m hesitant to share much about it just yet. I put a deposit down on a photography expedition, which I was super excited about at the time, but now I’m having second and third thoughts. My head says it’s the way to go, but my heart is pulling me in an entirely different direction. I’d like to note that when I put down the deposit the situation was totally opposite, so I’m giving it a bit more time before making any final decisions. No doubt I’ll be announcing it as soon as I can figure myself out! (So no one hold your breath 🙂 )

How are your travel goals working out for 2015??


5 thoughts on “2015 Ramblings Update

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  2. Wow you were busy! Wish I could have traveled more this year but it was just work work work work work! Finally enjoying summer break and not having to do anything!!! 🙂


    • The first half of this year was definitely hectic, but I expect things to (hopefully) slow down a bit now. Although this is technically the best time to *get out* of the desert… Hope you have a nice, relaxing break! 🙂


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