Weekly Photo Challenge: Everlasting Symbols

tombstone with flower, black and white

Meterarie cemetery, New Orleans, Louisiana, Angels

I’ve always found the study of symbology to be particularly interesting. When you really think about it, practically everything is a symbol for something – numbers, letters, objects, etc. My favorite place (of late) to study symbols is in cemeteries (yes, I’m an admitted taphophile). Headstones in and of themselves are symbolic – a marker for the world – but then we take it a bit further adding “decorative” symbols such as doves, cherubs, urns, etc. all of which have their own meaning.

Once you break the code of (roughly) what each of these means, you begin to see a dedication beyond any obvious words, which I’ve always found to be even more interesting. Because sometimes, when words fail, we must fall back upon those symbols with which we imbue all of our unspoken sentiments and hope that the world will understand.

This week’s photo challenge is “symbol.”

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everlasting Symbols

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