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You know, I always like reading the more random life lately posts. Something about that glimpse of real life appeals to me and it’s comforting to know that even the most “perfect” blogger has those real/relatable moments. It’s something I’d like to do more around here, but for me they’re the type of post that happens organically or not at all. So I guess today is just our lucky day, because random is definitely on the menu. (smile)

Cowboy statue, Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona

Found on wanderings


Even thought the tagline for this blog is travel, photos, life, I haven’t much felt like writing about the last subject very much lately. For one, I prefer to try to keep a positive space here; for another, the words just haven’t been there. I’ve decided to shift my posting schedule a bit in an effort to find my mojo again, so we’ll see how that goes.

This recent lack of voice (so to speak – ha!) has shown me just how important photography has become to me. I’ve always liked taking pictures, but when I decided to get more “serious” about the hobby it was kind of on a whim. I had no idea that it would grow into such a major part of my life. I love sharing photos on here, participating in the photo challenges each week, and seeing the work of others. It’s expanded my perspective in so many ways – and continues to do so every week. I’m so grateful that a photograph truly can be the thousand words I can’t always write.

To that end, I’ve even decided to finally sign up for a formal photography course this fall at a local community college. I figure it’ll be a good way to expand my skills and to have someone point out all the ways I’ve been “doing it wrong!” (smile) Truly, I’m mostly in it for the Photoshop lessons, but I’m hopeful it’ll be enlightening and fun all around.

By the way, did you check out this guest post over at Ilmantar earlier this week?


My current job is one of those that tends to either be really busy or really slow; unfortunately we’re in one of those really slow slumps right now. I enjoy having time to draft blog posts, edit photos, and play online for hours at a time, but truthfully it gets boring after a while (at least the last part does). And I would much rather be busy than bored…

One of my favorite employees also left the firm this week for another job. I’m super happy for her and wish her all the best, but I definitely miss her. In a small office (of only 8 most days) a lost presence is certainly felt. Right now it’s easy to pretend she’s just out on vacation, but I imagine it’ll be a rude wake up call when we need her particular skill set for a project. The most frustrating thing is that I knew she was looking to leave and tried to warn the other partners. As usual, no one listened. Now here we are without a graphic artist with contracts to be fulfilled. *sigh* Thankfully she’s agreed to freelance a bit until we can find a replacement.

As I look towards the future, I’ve been toying around a bit with the idea of my own business vs. a larger firm. My biggest barrier in both scenarios is my uncertainty of what I want to do. I was actually one of the founding members of my current firm, so I understand the struggles of starting your own business and all that it entails all too well. I also have a much greater understanding of the importance of choosing your partners – very carefully! My student loan payments also play a major role in my decision-making process. I know that I can’t change the past, but boy do I ever wish that I could on that one! All I can do for the moment is remain open-minded and positive; I know a great epiphany awaits! (smile)

Indian School Park, Phoenix, Arizona

Why did the gaggle of geese cross the sidewalk??


I have a few local trips coming up but nothing major. It’s still a bit…warm here in the desert for too many local adventures. I’m looking to check off my remaining Arizona bucket list by the end of this year though – I’m pretty sure I can do it! As for the big adventure I had planned for the fall… that’s still totally up in the air even though it’s definitely coming down to decision time! Oh the burden of having too many options… (smile)


So dating…While I have little interest in actively pursuing it, I think I may be open to the idea of trying again. I’ve taken some much needed me time but I’m noticing an interest again here and there. Who knows? Maybe I’ll actually get the hang of dating without falling into a relationship I’m not really interested in. They do say you learn from your past and that miracles happen…

I’ve been cooking a lot more lately with seriously mixed results. I can cook, I just don’t really enjoy it. I would much prefer to bake something. Odd as it may seem, I can (and do) spend hours in the kitchen creating a baked goods masterpiece, but I resent every minute over 10 that I spend cooking regular food. All I can say is thank goodness for crock pots and leftovers!

I’ve also been spending a great deal of time researching/experimenting with essential oils. I know it’s a fad right now, but for my FM I seem to have 2 major options – western medicine or natural medicine. I’ve decided to try natural as long as possible, which leaves me with herbs, oils, or a combo of both. I’ve tried a bit of both so far and it seems like I react better to the oils, so that’s the path I’m pursuing most seriously. The good and bad part of this is that there are so many options! I’ve spent tons of time doing research on various companies and I’ve decided on a couple to try more seriously. If/when I ever get the hang of things, maybe I can share some insight with you guys. I’m also totally open to any recommendations anyone else may have to offer!

Well, I think that’s all I’ve got for today! Hope everyone’s having a fabulous almost Friday!!




9 thoughts on “Life Lately Update

  1. Always love a good lately post! I totally get you on the blog mojo – I think I’ve lost it since starting my job! I find it hard to come home after work, cook dinner, clean, spend some quality time with my man, to find some time in there to write blog posts, edit photos, etc. But like you I’ve thrown myself into photography! So happy you’ve been participating in our Instagram challenge by the way! It’s been so fun! 🙂 xx


    • The Instagram challenge was really so much fun! It was nice to have a little daily inspiration 🙂 I imagine it is difficult to keep up with blogging with everything else going on! Luckily, my work has been a little slow lately so I’ve had the time – but frustratingly not the words – to blog. I struggle a lot with writing about what I’m thinking/feeling and what all the advice blogs say people want to read. Of course, I read about others having that same issue as well. The struggle is definitely real 🙂 Luckily, I feel like pictures are pretty universal. And photography is definitely a great way to relax!


  2. Really enjoyed reading about your world. I’ve been stuck in a ‘don’t know what to say’ loop lately too (maybe the summer sun is taking me away from the laptop more often!), you’ve given me inspiration! 😉


    • Oh good! I think you may be right, maybe it is just something about summer. That’s what I’m gonna go with anyway 🙂 I guess it just comes and goes sometimes, but it’s also a bit annoying when you have ideas that just don’t translate. Ideas for later I guess!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Loved reading your post! GL on the dating scene!! They will love baked goods I am sure 🙂 I am the same with cooking! Yay on the photography class! Have fun with it and eager to see more of your photography! Hope you can go on that upcoming big trip! I am ready for a big trip but I am sure it won’t be anytime soon, unless maybe you need someone to carry your bags. LOL! GL at work, sorry about your co-worker leaving, that does make it hard. Thanks again for sharing some real life,


  4. I like the life lately posts too, well reading them. I’m not so good at writing any of my own. I don’t know if it’s just not wanting to be too personal online or really, not sure what I have to write about. 🙂
    Can totally relate about the cooking. Baking, sure! Cooking, do I have to put that frozen lasagna in the oven and let it cook? Such a pain. Thankfully my kiddo is showing signs of being a budding chef so he’ll make things for us.
    So excited for you and the photography class. I be it’ll be so much fun!


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