My Word(s) (2016 Edition) | Inspire / Open

Well boys and girls, ‘tis the season – for year-in-review and goal setting posts that is. I love reading both kinds of posts, but I’m personally going to (more or less) forego both this year. 2015 was what it was and I have no great desire to really write much more about it. As for goals, I’ve decided to keep any specific goals for the year private in favor of my traditional “word of the year.” I do this primarily because my goals change so much through the year but also because I’ve found that having the word to reflect back on and guide me is both centering and comforting. But this year I’m continuing the tradition with a twist – I’ve chosen two words.

blurry white flowers with blue sky background, inspire

When I first began thinking about my word for 2016, Inspire came up immediately. Much like last year’s word, it was just waiting for me to ask the question. I’m using the base word here – Inspire – but I mean it in every tense and sentence part. I want to be inspired and to be an inspiration to others and to myself. I want life to be inspiring. It’s something I’ve been struggling to find consistency with so I’m hoping that a little more focus will bring positive returns.

Sunset over the water, Open

Over the holiday I realized just how much I’ve been struggling to stay afloat. It’s weird how your mind and body react to stress – one of my biggest tells is my obsessive need for control (it’s an odd (light) OCD / type A combination that is fun for no one, believe me). I reflected a lot on how I got to that point this time and have now assessed and accepted what needs to be done. But before anything else, I have to relax, let it go, be open to the moment and to life. As soon as I had that thought I knew that was my word – Open. The controlling part of me totally freaked about the idea of changing a word I already had – I mean, Inspire is a perfectly good word and something I need so why would I change it OMG….yeah. So I decided to be open to the idea of breaking my own damn rules and going for two words. I think it’ll be good to shake things up this year.

Do you have a word (or words) for the year?
Or are you more of a resolution person?

5 thoughts on “My Word(s) (2016 Edition) | Inspire / Open

  1. Those are both great choices of words for the year ahead- especially ‘inspire’. I don’t know why but that word is just one of those words I love. I think keeping those two words in mind will lead to a very good year indeed.

    I haven’t really thought about a word for the year. I guess if I was going to pick one this year it would be ‘balance’. I need to find a good balance between work, blogging, family, friends, travel, and just plain relaxing. Either that or stop thinking about what I ‘should’ be doing when I’m doing one of those things. If I’m blogging I feel like I should be spending more time with friends. If I’m spending time with friends I think I should be doing something ‘productive’ like blogging. It never ends. So yep, I’m going to go for ‘balance’ this year. 🙂


    • Balance sounds like an excellent choice! It’s certainly difficult to remember when things get busy, but can make all the difference in enjoying all those little moments. Hopefully this will be a good year for it – sounds like there are all sorts of fun adventures ahead 🙂


  2. Ok so the 3rd time is the charm apparently! I tried posting this 2x now and it just deleted it both times! I fully agree with you about your thoughts on 2015! If you noticed I only reviewed how my blog did this past year, not how the year actually was in real life!
    I set goals, or try to, but I keep them to myself also. I do like you choosing a word for the year and hey I love your 2 words and glad you chose to keep them both 🙂 I will think about my word and get back to you!
    Thanks for the inspiring post 🙂 and now my goal is that this will actually post!!


    • Ahh silly comment system! It’s werid, all of them showed up eventually but they were under “Anonymous” and “Someone.” Ha. Anyway, glad it finally worked itself out.
      I’m sorry to hear your 2015 was one of those years too. Here’s hoping there’s a better 2016 ahead for both of us! So far these two words – particularly “open” have been cropping up all over the place, so I definitely feel like I made the right choice(s) 🙂


  3. Oh I love this post! If you noticed, I didn’t exactly go into detail about reviewing 2015 either. It was what it was and I really just want to move forward! I reviewed how my blog did, but that is it. I am the same with goals also, I try to set them, but I keep them to myself. I am more open to words like you, ahhh I just realized I used one of your words, Ha! I think they both are great words! I need to take the time to think of my word and I will let you know! Thanks for the INSPIRATION to start out the year! 🙂


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