Life Lately: Spring Edition

I use the word “spring” in the title there very loosely. Phoenix, it seems, has decided to skip spring altogether and head straight into summer. I think we’ve set all sorts of records in the last week in terms of high temps. This does not bode well for proper summer… In fact, I may already have a countdown to fall on my phone. I can almost see people in other parts of the world cringing and staring daggers at that sentence. Trust me, I see the ridiculousness. Next stop is definitely going to have more proper seasons! (I’ve also realized I start every Life Lately post discussing the weather. I think instead of worrying about that I’m going to call it tradition and make it a staple. (ha!))

January was the longest month, which is weird considering how busy it was. Normally busy makes the time go by faster but not so for dear old January. Not that I’m complaining really. I actually heart January, but when chaos reigns, you can’t help but welcome a sign that time is, in fact, moving along. Work was particularly busy and there’s a slight chance I may have overextended myself. (oops!)

February, however, has been speeding right along. I spent a few days in California last weekend with my friends and niece. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly she’s growing! I’m also always somewhat humbled and surprised that she not only recognizes me but likes hanging out with me. That kid. She makes me want to make this world a better place just for her. I can’t even imagine what it must feel like to be her mom!

I’ve also had a couple of projects going on this year – namely a photography course and a self-imposed set of 30-day challenges. The photography class has been interesting so far. We’re really just getting through the basics, but I’m learning something every week so I’m happy. The 30-day challenges are something else altogether. January was a low-sugar detox. It was meant to be sugar free but turns out quitting sugar cold turkey immediately after the holiday season just isn’t doable for me. So low sugar it was. I learned a lot about my eating habits and I did actually feel better at the end of it all. Still, the experience didn’t put me off dessert! Lol. Oh well, it’s good to be aware of it anyway. February is “mindful movement,” and so far that’s been going much better. My plan is to do full posts on these little challenges, but who knows…

Unfortunately, between one thing and another blogging has taken a backseat. I had all the best intentions of starting this year off with my words in the game but that hasn’t really happened so far. To add another layer to it all, I’ve been seriously thinking about starting another blog – one specifically focused on issues near and dear to my heart. I think having an outlet for that sort of stuff would free me to post more on here as well. It’s complicated and still something I’m thinking about, but there it is.

street art, mural, downtown, Phoenix Arizona

I’ve realized that I haven’t actually had an “off” weekend in months. Literally months. I mean, I’m all for keeping busy but a little downtime would definitely be nice. In fact, a little downtime is mandatory if I don’t want to feel awful 100% of the time. I’ve noticed a distinct suffering in my physical and mental health – I need to circle back to taking better care of both of those so that I can do all of this other stuff. It’s just so easy to get sucked into external activities and forget about internal needs. Luckily the first step is identifying the problem and deciding to address it, right? Here’s hoping!

So now I’m off to appointment #1 for the weekend followed by all the errands I’ve been procrastinating. Tomorrow is a full day of being outdoors and baking. Yes, it’s the busy I was just going on about, but I find it incredibly hard to turn down anything outdoors right now. It’s good for the soul – and with the way things are going, opportunities for being outdoors comfortably are running out!

What are you up to this weekend??



3 thoughts on “Life Lately: Spring Edition

  1. You sure have a busy life. I used to too, but not anymore, so now I blog every morning πŸ™‚ It’s so important to take care of BOTH one’s physical and mental health, as you well know … and writing feels good for me. Good luck with the new blog, and everything else.


  2. No daggers here. The heat and I just don’t get along and as soon as spring is over I’m already looking forward to fall too.Thankfully it’s not quite summer here in Texas yet. I like the tradition of talking about the weather. Stick with it. πŸ™‚

    Sounds like it’s been busy, busy. Here too an my blog has fallen by the wayside too. And I’m thinking of a new one too! I’ve even bought the domain name so guess it’s getting more than just a thought. Crazy how not having enough time to keep up with one blog has made me want another one. Ah well. They are good hobbies and keep us out of trouble. πŸ˜‰


  3. Yes you are right, I am sticking digital daggers at you! I would normally have been out in phoenix for January but not this year. I had heard the temperatures were soaring- maybe you’ll get a wet cold summer- LOL!
    Enjoyed the post very much- happy baking.


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