Life Lately: April Showers

Weather: It rained!! (Well, one day. Otherwise still sunny and warm.)
Days til Fall: 164

You guys. I’m no doubt jinxing myself here, but I just have to say this – the Universe has been on a [very positive] roll lately! There are several big goals that have miraculously checked themselves off the list in the last month or so and I’m really hopeful (knock-on-wood) that this means good things are coming soon. (smile)

One of the big positives actually happened today. About a month ago I decided to bite the bullet and get tested for the BRCA-1 and BRCA-2 gene mutations (these are the best known gene mutations linked to breast cancer). Given my family history, insurance actually approved the test this time. (Side note: can I just tell you how happy I am with the improvements in female health coverage these days?! No, it’s not perfect, but it is so much better than it was…) I didn’t realize that in addition to the two BRCAs, there are now 15 other markers that they check. After a long month of waiting (and trying not to think about it) I finally got my results back today – all negative! (happy dance) This doesn’t mean I’ve got a pass on breast cancer, but it puts me back in the high normal range vs. super high range. It’ll always be a concern because of my mom, but it’s a huge weight lifted just knowing that the chances are slightly lower.

If you think you may have a higher risk for breast cancer, I definitely encourage you to have the test done (if circumstances allow). It’s better to know the odds and to have a head start on things if you do indeed test positive. I admit that having that discussion and little vial of blood drawn was crazy scary. It took me years to work up the courage, but I am so glad that I did. Even if the results had been different, we already had a game plan and that made me feel so much better. I know this is easier said than done sometimes, but I still believe not knowing is worse than knowing – if you know, then you only have to make one plan instead of a dozen what-if contingencies!

In other news, I have been on the move lately. I just got back from a work road trip across southern Arizona, followed by a weekend in California. This weekend is New Mexico, and May holds Wyoming, South Dakota, and possibly Texas. And I thought this was going to be a light travel year…

I am excited to see new places and mark a few things off the travel list, but I’ll be honest – there’s a part of me that’s begging for a quiet weekend at home. We had one single, grey, rainy Sunday a couple weeks ago and it was magical. To have a rainy day on the weekend when you can actually enjoy it is practically unheard of around here, so I took full advantage. Of course now I’m dreaming of many more lazy days just like that one! (smile) My next locale will definitely have more seasons…

In total contradiction to that last paragraph, I’ve been moving right along with the garden volunteering. I’ve also decided, for many reasons, to step up my game and put that law degree to good use. I’m hoping to start working volunteering with a local organization that assists immigrants in local detention facilities in the next couple weeks. Immigration is a huge issue here in Arizona and I feel it’s time I do more than just read about it. I’ve been thinking more and more about moving into a career in immigration, so I think this will give me a better idea of the wisdom of such a move as well. Immigration was one of my original career choices in law school, so maybe it makes sense in a way – a kind of circling back to the beginning and reassessing. Mostly, I just want to help.

There are probably a dozen other things I could ramble on about here, but I think I’ll leave well enough alone for the month. I was reading over last month’s update and I am so happy to see that things truly do seem to be moving along – finally! Here’s to continuing the trend! 🙂

When you chase a dream, the Universe conspires to help you get it; quote



2 thoughts on “Life Lately: April Showers

  1. So glad for you that things are falling into place. Sounds interesting, that you might go in to immigration.

    Good thing that they’re able to test that way. Now, at least you won’t have to worry as much. Wasn’t it a test like that Angelina Jolie had done?!


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