30-day Challenge(s): Months 3 & 4

Joshua Tree National Park, CaliforniaMarch – Photo Madness

I took a photo every day in March, but wasn’t as consistent with sharing them as I’d intended. Perhaps an Instagram-specific challenge will come up sometime this year that looks interesting. In the meantime, I’ve included some of my favorites from the month throughout this post. (smile)

I’ll admit I’ve probably rewritten this post half a dozen times specifically because of this challenge. I feel like I’ve been on quite the journey with my photography the last several months, thanks mostly to the class I’m taking. Today, however, is my final class and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve learned a lot but I’m not sad that it’s over. If/when the time comes I think I can write an objective post about the whole experience, perhaps I will. For now all I’ll say was that it’s been interesting – and that March was not the best choice for a photo-a-day challenge. Will definitely need a re-do!

Japanese Friendship Garden, black and white reflectionApril – Daily pages

For April, my challenge was to write – somewhere – every day. I hit this goal 83% of the time, and the days I missed were mostly travel related. I have to say, this was my favorite challenge to date. I’ve been practicing a daily pages exercise for just over a year now, although I’ve allowed myself to become distracted the last several months. It was really nice to come back to this habit. I have difficulty with meditation – too many thoughts lead to more anxiety than I started with. So I find that writing, just freely putting words down on a page, is my best form of meditation. Some days the blog counted, other days involved short stories or poems, it was just a fun return to writing. I really hope this one holds over for the months to come!

Salvation Mountain, Imperial County, California, art, desert

Upcoming: Since I seem determined to only do these updates every other month, I’ll post my challenge for May and tentative plan for June now.

May – #MayBlessings
I’ll be posting at least one moment of gratitude per day on Twitter (although sometimes via Instagram) with the hashtag #mayblessings. Feel free to follow along or join in!

June – Brain training
My poor memory is in desperate need of a workout, so I’ve decided to try one of those brain training apps. Should be interesting at least! (smile)

Question: What’s your preferred form of meditation??

2 thoughts on “30-day Challenge(s): Months 3 & 4

  1. I wish I could meditate but my mind just won’t shut off long enough to do it. I think I need to learn how to do it properly is likely more what it is. It must be glorious to have moments where 1000 thoughts aren’t going through the mind at one time.

    I love seeing your photos and your interpretations of the photo challenges you do. I’ll be following along on Instagram this month for sure to see your moments of gratitude. I really should do that too as I do have many things to be grateful for. I’m just going to make it my challenge to consistently post at least one photo per day this month. I just haven’t been able to do that yet. Maybe this month!


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