Dreams of Home

Yesterday was a very difficult day. It was one of those where I woke up quite excited and went to bed a bit depressed, which also means it was exhausting. I admit that I didn’t have high expectations for today after all that drama, but then I had the weirdest dream last night…

Lake Eufaula, Chattahoochee River, Alabama, fishing, recreation, boat

I dreamed that I was back in Alabama, near the lake we usually go to for family events and fishing (see above photo). Clearly very late for a family event, I was trying to gather all of our stuff so I could take it back home. Only I couldn’t be certain what belonged to my party since I wasn’t actually there for the party. I hooked up the boat I thought was my dad’s then went inside to gather things. The building was a cross between a pharmacy and my grandparents’ house (dreams, eh?). Although there was no one I knew present, there were plenty of strangers wandering around doing their thing as though everything were perfectly normal.

After I felt I had everything packed up, I went outside to get the truck. Only the truck was in the water with the boat (because that’s just how it happens in dreamland). I asked a very nice guy to help me unhook the boat because I wasn’t 100% sure it was my dad’s. I decided to leave it and come back for it with someone who would know. He seemed bummed I didn’t want to take the boat out and join his party, but did reluctantly agree to help me. I, for some reason, went to run around a fence I could’ve easily climbed to go assist this nice guy who had agreed to help.

Lake Eufaula, Alabama, black and white, lilly pads

Next thing I know, I’m running down the road in a fluffy white dress. I realize I’ve missed my turn so I climb that fence (which was much more imposing, especially in a dress) and cut across the park which surrounded the lake. As I crested the hill, the sky went dark grey and a perfect, radiant rainbow popped out against the clouds. Then the bottom fell out and a warm summer rain hammered down. I began to sprint along the path I’d come across and passed another girl in a white dress carrying an umbrella. We did the usual girly OMG-squee thing as we hurried in our opposite directions. Then it hit me that we were both wearing wedding dresses. The realization was so strange, I stopped and looked around. I could see another bride in her white dress running for cover amongst the trees near the water’s edge. She met up with her groom and they were laughing. Then I realized that I was laughing too. I wasn’t scared – just wet, somewhat bemused, and…happy.

I continued on my way to assist with the boat, but when I finally got to the boat launch, I found the truck and boat safely on land and perfectly parked (an impossible task). The keys were in the truck waiting for me. I unhooked the boat trailer and climbed in the truck to watch it rain and try to figure out why I was wearing a wedding dress. Then I was pounced on by a giant white rug…which turned out to be my cat causing chaos in hopes of an early breakfast (smile).

Lake Eufaula, Chattahoochee River, Alabama, fishing, recreation, boat

When I woke up, I was struck by three things: 1) I was smiling – as weird as it all was, I was indeed happy in that dream; 2) the dream had erased most of the negative energy from yesterday; and 3) I want to go home. Luckily, I have a plane ticket to do just that for Independence Day. I admit I hadn’t been looking forward to the trip with great enthusiasm, but now I’m ready. I need a break and a safe place to unwind, and no matter what changes, my dad’s will always be that place for me.

I can sort of piece together where all the different odd details came from out of this dream, but whether they mean anything or what that meaning may be (beyond a purging of my sub-conscious), I don’t know. And honestly, I’m not super sure I want to know. I really just want to hold on to this feeling and have a good weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you often remember your dreams?
Happy weekend everyone!!



4 thoughts on “Dreams of Home

  1. Sometimes I tend to think it’s our subconscious that’s trying to tell us something. I’ve never managed to figure out what, though. Some time ago, I had a very odd dream myself, which took place in NYC, and I’ve never been there in real life. That dream has stayed with me, I was happy too.


  2. I love this! Then again I am CRAZY about dreams! I dream all the time and A LOT of the time my dreams do have meanings! Its so cool to research some things and I am like WOW that makes sense! Of course I do still have the very silly dreams that don’t make sense either. But one thing my dear freind has taught me who also loves learning about dreams is that the mood you are in in the dream says A LOT , so I am glad you woke up happy and feeling free! Sounds like you needed that after having a hard day and needed reminded that sometimes you can let your cares blow away! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Most of my dreams tend to be rather fragmented so it’s unusual to have one I remember so vividly – especially a happy one! I generally tend to dream about tv shows I’ve binged too long or books I’m reading, so this dream was a very nice change of pace ๐Ÿ™‚
      Do you use a dream dictionary or a certain place to look things up? I’ve tried in the past but I tend to get frustrated trying to put it all together. I do think you’re right about the mood in the dream being a big deal – even today reading this makes me smile!


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