Life Lately: Hello Summer…

weather for Scottsdale, ArizonaWeather: I believe the photo sums it up pretty well.
Days til Fall: 103

Well, we’ve officially entered what I like to call “WTF hot” season. This year’s been a bit weird in that we went directly from tolerable 80s/low 90s directly into what you see above. I know it’s annoying when people go on about the weather, but I do try to limit my complaints to these posts once a month, so I appreciate you humoring me.

This month has been full of realizations – a few old ones and a couple new ones. I’ve found myself wondering if it’s truly possible to re-realize something, but based on the last few weeks I’d say it is. My new question to ponder is just how many times I need to have the same realization before I actually do something to change the game. I suppose only time will be able to answer that one.

I survived my week in California with my 21 month old niece. Every time I see her I’m amazed at just how much she’s grown and how much she’s learned. They truly are little sponges! I love that every visit is a memory and although it seems a bit unreal to think the day will ever come, I look forward to reminding her of all these funny little things when she’s a teenager (smile). It is so awesome (in the most traditional sense of the word) to think of all the possibility she has ahead of her, and all of her potential.

I also have a new nephew! My friend in Alabama had a little boy and I couldn’t be more excited! Now I have a full set – a girl and a boy. Even if I don’t have my own, I have plenty to spoil 🙂 I’ll get to meet the new little guy when I head home in a few weeks for Independence Day and it’s definitely a highlight I’m looking forward to.

Fairy lights, plants, garden, Arizona

In other travel news, I’ve booked the plane tickets for our next adventure – we’ll be heading to Iceland in September! Over the last few years, my dad, brother, and I have all celebrated decade birthdays. For mine we went to Scotland; for my dad’s, Yellowstone; and now for my brother’s, Iceland. It’s a place I’ve always wanted to see so I’m excited from that perspective. It wasn’t, however, on my original list for the year so I’m a bit bummed about that. But there’s always next year! For now it’s time to begin the best part – planning!

This past weekend was spent drafting blog posts, so I hope to stay on my schedule a bit better this next month. I meant to spend time editing photos but I left both external hard drives at the office and couldn’t be bothered to drive over to pick them up. It’s okay though, it was still productive (smile). I have quite the backlog of adventures to share with you guys so stay tuned!

I began this post (assuming you skipped the weather paragraph) talking about realizations and I’ll end it on the same topic. I’ve realized that for some time now I’ve been avoiding certain truths, but I can’t keep doing so. I tend to be very secretive and quite shy about sharing my intentions, mostly because I don’t need any extra nay-sayers (my own mind does a perfectly good job all on its own thank you very much!). But I feel I’ve reached a place where I can’t move forward in any aspect of my life until I come clean.  I’ll try to write a more sensible post later, but for now I’ll just put it out there – my goal is to move here:

Ardmucknish Bay, Scotland

Scotland, for those who may be unfamiliar with the origin of this photo.

It’s a frightening – and intimidating – thing, putting your intentions out into the world. But this is a dream 13+ years in the making, not a bandwagon I’m suddenly jumping on. I realize it’s a difficult goal, particularly with all the politics right now, but this is something I have to at least try to accomplish if I’m ever to find peace. It’s time, and keeping this to myself may be denying as yet unknown opportunities. So there we are. Announced. A path chosen. Let the trek begin! 🙂






4 thoughts on “Life Lately: Hello Summer…

  1. I definitely didn’t mind the weather update, if only because misery loves company. 🙂 It’s not quite that hot in TX yet but I feel your pain. I had recently set up my back porch and only enjoyed it for a few weeks until the heat and humidity have driven me back inside for the season.

    Iceland! Very cool. I think you’ll really like it. I was there three years ago (has it been that long?) and loved it. It is absolutely unspoiled natural beauty everywhere. Your camera will get a good workout. 🙂

    Scotland is very exciting news! I’m so glad you shared it with us. I’m a firm believer in putting things out there (when you’re ready) because then you never know who might find them and be the answer to helping you get there. And you will get there, I have no doubt about that. Scotland will certainly be a welcome change from the heat (I am looking forward to the same change when I finally get to move to England). I can’t wait for your announcement that the moving date has been set! 🙂


  2. Good for you! You put it out there, so now you can start working on it.

    Just told my husband, I brought up Glencoe in Google Streetview, and it looked just as lovely as in my dreams.


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