30-day Challenge(s): Months 5 & 6

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May – #MayBlessings

Hands down this was one of my favorite – and most successful – challenges so far this year (including June). The idea was to post about at least one thing I was grateful for every day. Some of the gratitude landed on Twitter and some on Instagram, but there were less than a handful of days missed. I’ll admit, there were some days it was hard – you know, like those days where you just have to be grateful for everyone making it through the day alive and unharmed… (smile) But overall this was an awesome exercise in gratitude and there were certain days just this small act majorly impacted my perspective. I haven’t been calling out the gratitude specifically on social media since May, but internally I’ve tried to hold on to this one. Turns out a little gratitude in the attitude is a pretty positive thing! πŸ™‚

RV Proctologist sign

At least one of these words describes something I’d rather do than brain games…

June – Brain Training

Okay, this one was a fail. (smile) I made it about half-way through the month before giving it up. I hate the games all the apps use for this – all the instructions, and time limits, and score comparisons – so much anxiety! I have too many other things to worry about to waste my time on something that may or may not be useful. I’d rather read a book and pick up some new vocabulary. I actually read a couple of articles that suggested reading is just as helpful as any of the puzzle games. Considering Tetris is about the only game that could hold my attention for any length of time, perhaps this one was doomed from the start. But at least I gave it a go! My dad was actually overjoyed that I failed this one – I’d somehow convinced him to do this with me and he was quite smug that he made it all the way to the end. From what it sounds like, he liked it so much he’s continued! (Truth time – I chose this challenge specifically in order to try to get him to participate because his memory scares me sometimes. So I failed and won all at once!)

macro green plantJuly – Yoga
I’ve been getting back into yoga lately, so this seems like the perfect time to try to solidify the habit! My goal is a minimum of 15 minutes every day. (So far so good!)

August – Sleep training
I desperately need to work on my sleep habits, so August it is! I’ve been reading a lot of articles about the best way to do this and have decided to set an earlier bed time / wake up time (without hitting the snooze 4 times!). Game on!





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