Vanishing E-bay

vanishing Ebay bannerI’ve been trying to login to my Ebay account for about a month now in order to re-post some listings. I had some issues logging in, however, so I kept lazily deferring the task thinking I would look up the password at some point. Well, today was that point. Only when I went to login to my account, it was gone. *poof*

Disbelievingly, I called Ebay to find out what happened. After speaking with a couple different representatives – one in the fraud department I might add – I was told that the account had been deleted in August. By me. Well, no, I don’t think so. I hadn’t logged in since early July and I certainly didn’t hit any delete buttons. Furthermore, even if I had somehow accidentally made such a fatal flaw, shouldn’t there have been a warning email? Or any sort of notification email?? I’ve been receiving my invoice emails just fine, so I highly doubt the cancellation email went astray!!

Why am I ranting about this? Well, I’ve had that Ebay account for over a decade. Literally 11+ years. I’ve been loyal in that account, leaving and receiving feedback, becoming a trusted personage on the site. This is no easy feat and in today’s world full of scams, being a trusted seller and/or buyer is a huge thing! My reputation is gone right along with all of my buying and selling history. So much information is suddenly lost to me now. I suppose it’s a daunting reminder to back things up elsewhere vs. relying on an account, no matter how long you’ve had it!

I think the other part that warrants this rant is that I was blamed for it. When I suggested to the fraud department that perhaps it wasn’t me who did this and that there must’ve been something amiss, I was met with a downright doubtful response. If there’s no one else in my home, it must have been me. Who else would’ve done that? Excellent question – fraud department! Ugh.

I genuinely hate feeling so powerless against such a big entity. There’s nothing I can do and if Ebay has any further recourse, they are unwilling to explore it. “Just create another account,” they told me. And in time (when I’ve tried all other avenues and really need something off that site) perhaps I will. In the meantime, I think I’ll stick to other sites and/or methods for buying/selling items. There are too many choices out there, and even though Ebay won’t care one way or another if I ever use their site again, at least this will go in their karma bank.

Of course the bottom line of all this is that the account is gone. Apparently if I’d called when I originally noticed the issue (prior to August 30th), then it could have been retrieved. I’m 28 days too late. So I suppose I have two lessons from all of this – 1) back up any info you may want access to and 2) don’t procrastinate, particularly with a difficult account login. *sigh*

End rant.


3 thoughts on “Vanishing E-bay

  1. UGH!!! Has to be so frustrating ! I know what you mean about getting blamed for something that is so not your fault! I got blamed for not returning movies before cause their computer said that I didn’t. I tell no lie when I say that I told them their computer must be acting up…..their response….(laughter) amidst telling me that computers don’t mess up!
    Hmmm….that kind of thinking is why you don’t see Blockbuster blue rental boxes around anymore I would say. You only see Redboxes πŸ™‚ and we have never had an issue with Red Box!


  2. This is terrible. Especially their attitude. Obviously, you didn’t delete it. It’s fishy.

    How do you back up an eBay account anyway … *rhetoric question*.

    In spite of my web presence/obsession, strangely enough, eBay is the only site I’ve never signed up for. I was actually tempted the other night, a fountain pen from Illinois, but I wasn’t sure whether I’d be hit with customs duties and all that stuff, so I held myself back.


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