My Word (2017 Edition): Begin

Iceland Begin

This is one of my favorite posts to write each year (the other comes on Tuesday!). When I initially sat down to write this one I had the worst time getting started. Then I realized that yesterday’s post had to come first – a proverbial clearing of the air. An old year has ended and a new year has…begun.

This year’s theme battle-cry resolution is “BEGIN.” Unlike previous years, this one didn’t come immediately, but rather after much thought and a bit of reflection. I was looking for motivation to finally finish all of the things I’ve been meaning to do forever, so my brain was circling around words like end, complete, finish, etc. But I just couldn’t shake the feeling that those words would set too negative a tone for the year. Since thinking didn’t seem to be helping the feeling, I decided to go with my gut and the word came immediately. Clearly my heart knew the answer all along – every end is really just a new beginning.

There’s something very hopeful in a beginning, a feeling of infinite possibility that doesn’t carry the feeling of obligation or sadness that an ending sometimes does. There’s more excitement and less pressure – exactly what I’m looking for in this new year! So instead of trying to finish all those crazy things on my never-ending list, I decided that it’s time to simply begin them.


I understand that some of those wonderful beginnings will first require some painful endings. I just don’t want those to be my primary focus – because I know myself well enough to admit that I would use the fear of the end as an excuse not to begin. I know that because, in a way, that’s what I’ve been doing for some time now. Enough now. Looking back, I can see the value in waiting, however impatiently and unwillingly, these past few years. I’ve grown in ways I’ve only recently learned to credit; but it’s time now. Time for excitement, challenge, facing truths, facing fears, letting go, and being present. It’s time for change, for staying true, for living. Above all it’s time to begin and let the adventure unfold from there.


What’s your word for 2017??








9 thoughts on “My Word (2017 Edition): Begin

  1. What a GREAT word for the new year ahead. So hopeful and optimistic. And isn’t that how we all want to feel as much as possible? So definitely a great thing to focus on.

    My word for the year…goodness I struggle to find one that is unique so I guess I’ll go with the one thing that has been tugging at me for a couple of months now – balance. Life has been quite unbalanced in the past year. I’m all-out blogging and keeping up each week…to nothing (which you may have noticed over the past 6+ weeks). I drop it completely to do other things, like travel and hang out with family, and I’m constantly overlooking healthy living etc. This year I’m going for a much needed balance of all these things.

    Can’t wait to see all the things you begin this year. I have a feeling 2017 is going to be one heck of a year!

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    • Balance is a great word for this year! (It’s right up there with kindness as something the world could use a lot more of…) It’s one of those words that seems classic and simple, but has so much more meaning – and challenge – behind it. I wondered what sort of adventures you were off on and how they (particularly the N AZ adventure) were going. I can’t wait to read all about it soon!

      And I couldn’t agree more, 2017 is going to be a doozy (although hopefully mostly in a good way!) πŸ™‚ I wish you all the best in finding balance this new year!!


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