Life Lately: Spring Madness

Tonto Natural Bridge State Park, Arizona

I’ve decided not to issue any apologies for being away for a month, or for totally failing to stick to any sort of schedule in this space. I am sorry that I haven’t had time to keep up with posts – to read, enjoy, or interact with my virtual buddies. I’ve really missed that more than anything, but I suppose in some cases catching up in fits and starts has it’s advantages (e.g., when there’s a serial-style story going on and you get to binge).

Spring here in the desert is often short and chaotic; so far this year has not been any different. The wildflowers erupted into a riot of color most people wouldn’t believe possible here in the desert, and we’ve been lucky in that the green has stuck around just a bit longer than usual. There was a week there in March where temps reached almost 100 and everyone seemed to think we were done for! Luckily a windstorm blew through and cooled things down just a bit. Some places have that last minute snowstorm, but here we just get a summer preview! I expect it to be a long, hot summer here in Arizona this year, and I’m not looking forward to it – at all.

Tonto Natural Bridge State Park, Arizona

My life has also been a riot of chaos these last couple of months. Work has been absurdly busy (especially for the time of year), I’ve had ongoing health issues, and I was without a phone for a few weeks (the last being the worst of the three I think – #firstworldproblems).

All I will say about work is that it’s work. Any thoughts or feelings beyond that are better left for my private journal or perhaps another day. The health stuff is a combination of work stress and biological quirks – not fun, but also not life threatening. I’m really grateful to be one of the ones with good health insurance and awesome doctors. I think of that every time I go – just how lucky I am to be able to access top grade health care. But that’s also another story for another day, maybe.

The phone thing though, I will share (likely in more detail than anyone cares to know). Back around the holidays, my phone screen randomly cracked. I didn’t drop it and I hadn’t dropped it (at least not recently), but crack it did. Given my undying love for my particular phone (and the fact that it’s been discontinued – don’t even get me started on that), I opted for screen repair. Half a new phone later, the screen was whole again. Then a week later, the phone stopped vibrating. Now I can’t tell you what my ringer sounds like, but I can hear that bad boy vibrate from a building over (sad but also true). So in it went again – luckily the part was covered by warranty – and we were in vibrating business once again.

Until I noticed last month that my power button didn’t work right. Closer inspection revealed that the precious, uncracked screen appeared to be popping out of the frame. So back to the repair shop we went – where they told me the battery was expanding (!!!) and pushing things out of place. They ordered a new battery and I got to suffer through two weeks of waiting (the first battery was mysteriously “lost” in transit). I could see notifications pop up on the screen, but I couldn’t unlock the phone or reply. I can’t decide if that was better or worse than no phone at all – probably better, as at least I still had a watch of sorts. Anyway, they eventually replaced the battery and we’re like new again! I sincerely hope that’s the last problem for my dear phone because as far as I’m concerned we’re working on a three strikes you’re replaced situation here. And that would just be tragic for all involved parties…

Tonto Natural Bridge State Park, Arizona

So there you go – terribly exciting story, no? It sums up my life pretty well at the moment. (ha!) I suppose I can say that while my laptop was my only connection to the outside world I did manage to get moving on some personal goals. Those have pretty much taken up my limited non-sleeping personal hours, but I think they will benefit all of us in the long term. I need a change for the better – all around.

While I may not show up in this space as much as I’d like, I’ve had better luck with consistency over on Instagram – feel free to follow along there for more frequent randomness! πŸ™‚

Photos are from Tonto Natural Bridge State Park (AZ).

3 thoughts on “Life Lately: Spring Madness

  1. No apologies needed. Sometimes life is what it is and it needs to be lived, instead of blogging. πŸ™‚

    Definitely don’t envy those 100 temps, but I guess we’ll be getting them here soon enough too. ugh. Only a couple more summers like this though, that’s what I keep telling myself.

    I hear you on the phone thing. I had a Nexus 5 and LOVED it. Sadly it met its demise and I had to replace it with something else because they didn’t sell it anymore. I really didn’t want anything different but I’ve got a LG G4 now and it’s not so bad. I’ve made friends with it. πŸ™‚

    I’ll need to pop over to Instagram and catch up with you there. I just caught a glimpse of the pretty cacti in bloom on your sidebar so must go check that out properly. Looks beautiful!


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