Cambodia, Siem Reap, Angkor

And come I may, but go I must…

Hi! I’m Meredith! Thanks for stopping by to check out my little corner of the “blogosphere.” The About Me section is generally my favorite and first go-to of any blog, so I’ll try to live up to the pressure on mine. I’m a pretty average girl transplanted from the Deep South to the South West. I have a problem staying in one place for too long and I love, love, love to travel. If only that lottery ticket would finally pay out…

I originally started this blog as a way to share photos, poems, and other random thoughts with the world. I guess you could say as personal therapy. But recently I’ve decided to give it a shot on a deeper level – so here goes! Please bear with me while I have fun figuring out all the ins and outs of the blogging world. I’ll try to do my best!

I share an apartment with two beautiful cats and a turtle. They are my “children” for all intents and purposes and I love them all (even if the furballs do take up most of the bed every night!). I discovered a love for photography somewhere along the way and have been trying to improve my skills as I go along. I feel like pictures are the best souvenirs anyone can ask for – they’re memories that you can actually show others! How awesome is that?! I also love to read – pretty much anything that can hold my attention. I prefer a good book to the movie (almost) any day.

Growing up I always wanted to be an attorney. So when the time came, I went to Law School at the University of Miami. I knew by the end of the first year that I wouldn’t be a practicing attorney, but I tried. I’ve tried everything from immigration to family to environmental law. I finally gave myself permission to use my degree in a non-traditional way and I couldn’t be happier! Now I work in the environmental consulting industry, and I love it. The law degree still comes in handy (I can write a mean contract), but I’m doing what I love in a totally different way than I would’ve ever imagined. Life is funny like that, you just never really know where you’ll end up.

So this is my story – from the mundane every day to the big world travels. Life is an adventure no matter where you are, it’s all in the attitude. Welcome to my adventure!


I am a traveler, a photographer, a reader, a stranger, and a friend. I’m a wannabe poet looking for inspiration in the adventures of every day life. My quest for freedom leads me to the strangest places, and leaves the best stories in my heart.

19 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Meredith. I do the exact same thing — when finding an interesting blog, I seek out the About page — which reminds me that I need to re-do mine. We all have reasons for blogging and yours are similar to mine, though I think you may be a more prolific poster than I. 🙂
    So I’m following you now and look forward to your take on life. Great that you’re doing what works for you. All the best from Brisbane, Australia.


  2. I love a life story with twists and turns. I had only a brush with a profession in my academic focus, but had fun all the way, so far. Thank you for stopping by Renaissance Musings and liking my post. Since you have cats, did you see my offering for Cee’s Photo Fun Challenge-Close Ups. My cats were the subjects. Enjoy your adventures.

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  4. Meredith, we sound very much like kindred spirits! Indeed, you never know where life will take you. I love to travel and explore my world — even if it’s just a gravel road I’ve passed a thousand times before and then one day ask myself aloud ‘I wonder where this goes?’

    Consider yourself Followed!


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  6. Your About Page has got me hooked after seeing your Weekly Photo Challenge this week! I love the exploratory nature of life, and it sounds like you are living proof it’s a great way to be. Keep on blogging….


  7. One of the best “About Me” pages I have seen! You more than lived up to the pressure 😉
    I found you through Bonnie’s Travel Tuesday, and I’m glad I did! Can’t wait to dive in deeper into your intriguing blog.


  8. So glad you found an area to practice your profession that doesn’t feel like a straight jacket to you.
    Regarding the purpose of your blog: is it possible that it is Deep Play? This is what I called anything we do that brings out our creativity and absorbs us in a positive way.

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