Whose Candle?

I don’t know that I’ve ever done a reblog, but since this topic really seems to be a theme for me today, it seemed an appropriate post to start. Kindness truly is the one thing that we can all give that’s absolutely free. It seems that less and less people remember that these days, but then perhaps we also forget to remind each other from time to time. So here’s my reminder – be kind. Pass it on. Smile.
And of course please check out my friend’s blog for more inspiration and some great make-you-smile stories! πŸ™‚

Nuggets of Gold

via Daily Prompt: Candle

Dameon) To honor Brandon I light a candle and put it in his room. Then I sit there watching the light burn on.:

Candles really do brighten up the dark! Whose candle are you being today? Whose world are you helping to make a little brighter?

No, you can’t take away all the darkness, but you can shine through it. There is a dear friend who a while ago now, said something to me that I won’t forget. I had written about the dark times our family was going through. They wrote in response at how I will get to the end of the tunnel, and when I do they will be there holding the light. Touched my heart.

This came back to me, as I was talking with another friend this afternoon. They were saying how they really wish there was more that they could do for us right now. This person has done A LOT! To sum up that statement though, it meant, I wish I could…

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