The Reverse Bucket List

I came across this awesome idea while reading a similar list on other blogs and I thought it was the best idea! I’ve done some research on other blogs and I couldn’t wait to make my own version! Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by all of the cool things that I want to do that I lose track of all the cool things that I have already done. So many of my best memories came about as happy accidents. I try to remember that when thinking about my travel bucket list – planning only takes you so far before you just have to live. I do have a travel bucket list, but as to what to do or what to see specifically, I try to keep that list to a minimum. There are entirely too many things that I don’t know about beforehand to bother trying to condense it all down to a single list.

I hope this list can remind me that even if I could never leave my house again (knock-on-wood), I have had some really amazing adventures already and done some really cool stuff. And for those out there looking for inspiration for your own bucket list, I hope this list can provide some inspiration for you too. I’m not bragging about what I’ve done, I’m hoping to show people the possibilities no matter who you are or where you’re from – where there’s a will there’s a way (smile)!

So without further adieu, here’s my “already accomplished” list (at least what I can remember of it):

  1. Visit Paris (this was my first ever travel goal)
  2. Study abroad (twice!)
  3. Graduate from law school (University of Miami 2008)
  4. Marry someone (as in another couple – that’s right, I’m a minister too!)
  5. Get scuba certified
  6. See a Broadway show in NYC
  7. Spend a day in Central Park
  8. Tour Parliament in London
  9. Own property in another country (yay Scotland!)
  10. Go sledding
  11. Go snow-boarding
  12. Samba in Rio
  13. See the Grand Canyon
  14. Swim in the Atlantic
  15. Swim in the Pacific
  16. Snorkel in the Caribbean
  17. Visit Canada and Mexico
  18. Go on a cruise (Caribbean and Mediterranean)
  19. Go on a Pink Jeep tour
  20. Hunt for vortices in Sedona, Arizona
  21. Hunt for vortices in Glastonbury, England
  22. Have my chakras re-aligned
  23. Go on a gondola ride in Venice
  24. See the Parthenon in Athens
  25. Take a European road trip
  26. Visit Angkor Wat temple complex
  27. Go island hopping in Thailand
  28. Climb a waterfall (Ecuador)
  29. Go on a canyon tour (and climb-out!)
  30. Stay in a jungle lodge
  31. Lay on Copacabana beach
  32. See the Amazon rainforest
  33. Help build a solar project
  34. Take the Eurostar
  35. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
  36. Go to the top of the Empire State Building
  37. Party in Vegas
  38. Attend a Vegas wedding
  39. See the Mona Lisa
  40. Visit the British Museum
  41. Ride in a limo
  42. Attend a festival
  43. Bargain at a local market
  44. See Swan Lake
  45. Go to Shakespeare in the Park (Regent’s Park & Desert Botanical Garden Phoenix)
  46. Go to a Shakespeare play in Stratford-upon-Avon (Richard III)
  47. Ride the London Eye
  48. Visit Hemingway House
  49. See a sunset in Key West
  50. See the ball drop in Times Square live
  51. Become a published author
  52. Visit all of the Smithsonian museums in D.C.
  53. Visit a Frank Lloyd-Wright house (Falling Water and Taliesin West)
  54. Go on a Duck Tour (Miami)
  55. Visit an Amish community
  56. Spend the night in the mountains
  57. See the Rocky Mountains
  58. Go shopping in the L.A. fashion district
  59. Purchase a good camera and learn to use it (Nikon D90 D7100)
  60. Sing karaoke
  61. Visit Disney World and Disney Land
  62. Shoot a gun
  63. Ride horses
  64. Plant a garden
  65. Go on a buggy/carriage ride
  66.  Ride on a double-decker bus
  67. See a drive-in movie
  68. Visit the Statue of Liberty
  69. See Stonehenge
  70. Visit the White Cliffs at Dover
  71. Walk in Canterbury Cathedral
  72. Go to a service at Notre Dame
  73. Visit a nuclear missile silo (Tucson, AZ)
  74. Visit Monument Valley
  75. Stand at Four Corners (4 states – CO, AZ, NM, UT)
  76. Survive a sandstorm
  77. Dance with a drag queen
  78. Sit on Forest Gump’s park bench in Savannah, GA
  79. Tour Mammoth Caves (KY)
  80. Live the same day twice (think SE Asia – west coast US)
  81. Visit a vineyard
  82. Attend a wine-tasting
  83. Have a spa day
  84. Go ATV-ing
  85. Learn to cook a French recipe
  86. Become a baker (yum!)
  87. Host a party
  88. Be in love
  89. Get a tattoo (or 4 5)
  90. Own (part of) a company
  91. Kiss a stranger
  92. Make and maintain friendships with people in other countries
  93. Buy a meal for a homeless person
  94. See the sunset and sunrise without going to sleep (party!)
  95. Fly in a seaplane
  96. Go to a concert
  97. Go to a music festival in another country
  98. Have a conversation in another language (and a lot of charades)
  99. Sail around Loch Ness
  100. Visit a castle (or quite a few)
  101. Take a road trip around Scotland
  102. Have a Guiness in Dublin
  103. Build a sandcastle
  104. Rollerblade (or try to) on a boardwalk
  105. Have a photograph published
  106. Survive a hurricane (or 5)
  107. Go on a ghost tour (New Orleans, Savannah, Edinburgh…)
  108. Do a tunnel tour in Seattle
  109. Live alone
  110. Crochet a blanket
  111. Read all of Hemingway’s published books
  112. Study at Oxford
  113. Whisky tasting in the Highlands
  114. Get lost (and “found”) in another country (or in my case, every other country)
  115. Give a compliment to a stranger
  116. Take a ferry ride
  117. Own a pet
  118. Visit the Met
  119. Stand on the Pier in Chicago
  120. Complete a 5K
  121. Attend a professional sports event
  122. Visit an aquarium
  123. Take a tuk-tuk ride
  124. Explore Yellowstone National Park
  125. Swim under a waterfall
  126. Camp out and listen to Havasupai Falls
  127. Visit all of the National Parks in Arizona (Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, & Saguaro NP)
  128. Pick my own apples
  129. Take a train ride (or 10)
  130. Take a prison photo (without breaking the law)
  131. Chase clouds in a hot air balloon
  132. Ride a camel
  133. Spend the night under the stars
  134. Watch a sunset over the dunes of the Saharan Desert
  135. Shop the souks of Marrakech
  136. Go on a photography-specific trip
  137. Make a new (true) friend out of an old frienemy
  138. Open my own photo shop

5 thoughts on “The Reverse Bucket List

  1. Wowzer! Before I begin to hyperventilate, I’m going to remind myself of what it says in the Desiderata, my favorite piece of prose ever: If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

    That said, I gotta whole lot of livin’ yet to do but I’ve also done more than my fair share as well. It’s all good!


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