2015 Entries

Scotland sunset serenityJanuary 2015

Shadowed [with Light]
[Sunset] Serenity
[It’s All In The Look] Express Yourself
[From the] Depths

boat on the water with blue skiesFebruary 2015

[Large] Scale
[Natural] Symmetry
Rule of Thirds
Reward [Yourself]

urban art, wall murals, graffitiMarch 2015

[Painted] Walls
Fresh [Flowers]
Ephemeral [Streams]

sea life on buoy in pacific ocean

April 2015

[Animals] Afloat
Early Bird [Sunrise]
Motion [Water Falling]

Rocky Mountains covered in snow from airplaneMay 2015

Intricate [Doorways]
[Desert] Forces of Nature
Enveloped [in Steam]
[Beauty in the] Broken
[Out of the Window,] On the Way

purple prickly pear blooms, Arizona desertJune 2015

Vivid [Desert]
Off-season [Snow]

black and white baby photo with loveJuly 2015

[Everlasting] Symbols
Half and Half
Close Up
[My] Inspiration

Strawberry fields, John Lennon, monument, New York City, New YorkAugust 2015

[Words] Beneath My Feet
A Good Day

muddy waterfall at Monument Valley ArizonaSeptember 2015

[Happily] Connected
Monochromatic [Desert]
[From Behind the] Grid
[After the Scaffolding] Change

Sahara desert, camels, sunset, MoroccoOctober 2015

[Traveling] Treat

Grand Canyon, ArizonaNovember 2015

[Grand] Victory
[Seasonal] Transition

Oxford, white cat

December 2015

[Cat’s] Eye Spy
[Mischievous] Gathering

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