Weekly Photo Challenge: Refractions

This week’s photo challenge is all about light refraction. I love this particular challenge because it required a bit of extra thought and I’ve really enjoyed seeing the interpretations posted thus far! I originally had an entirely different direction in mind until I came across this guy – he blends in well (smile).

Mexico, beach, crab, water refraction

The Crab Refraction

Happy weekend everyone!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sandy ZigZags

Yay for Friday!! I’m looking forward to a nice, quiet weekend (wishful thinking) to recover from last weekend’s beach adventure. For this week’s photo challenge – zigzag – I instantly thought of these little beach creatures. Some of them move super fast and some move super slow, but none seem to go straight (at least not for long). So much fun to watch! (smile)


Low tide fun πŸ™‚


These guys were especially zigzaggy


Close up!

Happy weekend everyone!!

Travel Tuesday: A Beachy Christmas

Brr! Is anyone else cold all of a sudden?! Not only did I just schedule my first appointment for 2014 today, but I also realized that it’s full on winter (I live in the desert, give me a break). Granted Phoenix did not receive the brunt of the “winter storm” moving across the US right now, but it definitely left its mark. Which has me longing for thinking about my holidays in South Florida. So for today’s Travel Tuesday linkup, I’m going to reminisce a little bit about spending December on a beach (smile).

I moved from south Alabama to south Florida not really expecting any major temperature differences. I knew it was more humid in Florida, but really the summer temps are cooler thanks to the sea breeze. What I didn’t realize is that south Florida maintains an almost constant temperature compared to the rest of the country. I have to admit that the first year it was really strange seeing lights on palm trees instead of “proper” Christmas trees. It was also weird to be going to class in a hoodie and flip flops (yep…I was that girl). My roomate and I tried to decorate a bit, but it was kind of a sad affair given that it conflicted with my first round of law school finals (sad face).

Christmas tree

Yes, my first tree was a lawn ornament…spruce just seemed out of place

My next few Christmases in Miami were better if no less strange. I had more time on my hands to spend at the beach or by a heated pool. Granted you don’t really want to go swimming in the Atlantic (or an unheated pool) in a bikini November – February, but that’s probably the best time to spend a day on the beach (smile).

I have to admit that I was never in Miami on Christmas (my family was a card ride away after all), but I saw a good bit of the “season.” Not to give the city a bad rep, but it doesn’t really go all out for Christmas. There are lights around, but you have to work to find individual decorations. Even when you did manage to find a Santa in the front yard, he was usually in board shorts and a Hawaiian shirt (no joke). Frankly, traditional Santa just looked weird in the heat; you couldn’t help but almost feel sorry for the guy, you know?

When I lived in Miami I always wondered why people would choose to drive south to spend their Christmas on a beach or a cruise boat instead of somewhere with snow and family. Looking back now, I get it. In fact, I kind of miss it. Hindsight…

I have to admit that it wasn’t until my trip to South America a few years ago that I realized that half of the entire world doesn’t know that Christmas is supposed to be cold! For them it’s always a warm holiday. I realize this sounds silly but – mind.blown. Maybe Santa in board shorts isn’t such a radical idea after all (smile).

Cat, Christmas, costume

Miami is also where this gem comes from – who says cats don’t have facial expressions?! (This picture absolutely never fails to make me smile!)

Have you ever had a tropical Christmas? Do you prefer snow or sand for Christmas??