Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge | Small Frogs

Last week’s black & white photo challenge was big subjects, so it seems only fair that this week’s challenge focus on small subjects, right? (smile) I admit that I struggle a bit with macro photography, or really just photos of compact objects period. Landscapes are my comfort zone. But the real fun in these photo challenges is being challenged (I know, go figure). So today I shall do my best to deliver…frogs!

Frog, Ecuador, Black and White

We found this little guy while walking through a canyon in Ecuador.

Frog, nature, wildlife, Alabama, black and white

This little guy was spotted on the banks of the beaver pond in Alabama.


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Cee's Black and White Photo Challenge!

Weekly Photo Challenge | Calle de la Ronda

This week’s photo challenge is “street life.” I love wandering down streets in new cities/towns. A simple stroll can give you so much insight on the place where you are, and sometimes, if you’re paying close attention, the people too. For this challenge, I decided to go with the first photos that came to mind – these taken in the Calle de la Ronda in Quito, Ecuador. We arrived January 2nd to a city that was still in the post-New Year’s coma. The decorations were still upΒ and the world was newly beautiful, but so very quiet…


Calle de la Ronda, Quito, Ecuador

Calle de la Ronda, Quito, Ecuador

Looking back, I’m glad we got to see it when and as we did. It’s normally a bustling area popular with the tourists.Β Quito’s old town was one of the very first UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and it’s very apparent why it made the list, especially in this neighborhood.