Wednesday Wisdom (11.4)

Some of the most life shaping decisions , quote

I’ve had reason to really ponder these words lately. Now that I have a clearer idea of what I can’t live without it makes me both excited and incredibly impatient to make the necessary changes. But I’ve also learned in life that sometimes it’s important to give the “good enough” the respect and gratitude it deserves for getting you where you are.

Motivational Pondering | November Update

As a disclaimer, this post probably interests me much more than you. I won’t be offended at all if you skip it. I will say, however, that there is a very pretty picture at the end that makes it worth scrolling down. Please come back tomorrow when we’re back off topic (smile)!

Okay, so it’s technically December (and btw can I just say OMG how is it Dec already?!), but my internet has been out and I couldn’t post this until today. I’ve debated about posting this at all versus something more fun (like trip photos *ahem*), but I feel like I need to somehow keep myself accountable. So here goes…

A month or so ago, I wrote a lament on my lack of motivation. Somewhere in there I realized how whiny I sounded and after a mental smack I decided to stop the whining and set some goals to actually move forward! November was a pretty exciting and busy month, but I feel I’ve made a little progress – and something’s almost always better than nothing, right?

1. Find something satisfying in every day.

There were certainly days when this was hard – difficult – challenging – painful even. But on the whole I think I managed. Obviously the vacation days were much easier than the days spent at work, but looking back I think I am most proud of myself for pushing through on those painful days.

2. Remember to be grateful for each experience, be it big or small.

Yeah, so I’m just going to go ahead and admit to a slight fail on this one. There are things that happened last month that still just irritate me. I haven’t found my way around my irritation yet, but I have hope for the future. The other half of the month, well let’s just say it went a long way in reminding me of why my life really is pretty awesome (smile).

3. Cut back on the daydreaming and be more present in each daily scenario.

Okay, so it’s a work in progress…

4. Create a thought board with my bigger goals made by smaller pictures to remind myself that this is how we create our worlds.

I haven’t actually started on this one yet, beyond thinking of the direction I want to go in. I almost want to wait until January for this one, but we shall see.

5. Take one small task that I’ve been trying to turn into a habit and do it.

Yeah, just not even close. Unless I can claim #1 here, in which case I have a maybe. I’ll take it!

6. Begin researching opportunities for changing my bigger picture

Researching? No. But I did re-find my motivation this month – and really that’s most of my battle!

7. Focus on an area of my life I want to change and begin the steps of pursuit.

See #6.

8. Find activities to participate in that take place during the week.

To Do

9. Put dates on my To Do list and stick with them.

I have made great progress on this one actually and I’m pretty proud of myself. Maybe next month this one can go under #5 as well (smile)!

10. Breathe deep and let it be.

Sunset, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Sunset, Isle of Skye



Motivational Pondering

Oh motivation…a 10 letter word that may as well be a 4 letter word for me. (sigh) I suppose that’s not entirely true. I can motivate myself to get started on these awesome ideas I come up with, but it’s hard for me to hold on to them for very long. There’s all sorts of self-help advice that says if you do an activity x number of times it becomes a habit. Maybe that’s true. Sadly I generally take that x number of times as a goal to a stopping point. Yes, I know that totally defeats the principle. I’m a rebel, what can I say?

But there are so many things that I want to do/see/experience in this world/lifetime/minute; I think I tend to overwhelm myself at times. I see the birthdays ticking by and I can’t get past this panic that I’m not doing enough fast enough. It’s hard to remember to just breathe. I have this thing that I want to get all my living in as soon as I can, just in case it doesn’t last. I don’t want that to sound morbid, but none of us really know how much time we have to accomplish our goals in life. I’m not a huge YOLO person for a couple of reasons – 1) It’s like the lazy carpe diem and 2) No one really knows how many lives you can fit into a lifetime, but I know how many times in any lifetime you die. Again, morbid. Sorry, I’m not sorry. But I do agree with the principle behind the saying (maybe it should be YODO?) Anyway, I don’t sit around and fret about dying, but I do worry that I won’t be able to live as many lifetimes as I want. And to me that is a very sobering thought.


My other source of anxiety with living in the daily involves control and change. Two things my type A struggles with pretty much all the time. I get frustrated when I can’t control something in my daily world, so I circumvent this frustration (i.e., console myself) with the thought that it doesn’t matter because I can change the future. I seem to forget that each decision creates the future; ignoring the present isn’t actually the best way to deal with life. Dreams are amazingly wonderful things; daydreams, however, just tend to be distractions – a pacifier while waiting on the bottle.

I catch myself living for the weekends, daydreaming the weekdays away until I can be free – which I find so annoying! Life is supposed to be lived every day – not just Saturday and Sunday. There are definitely things I would like to change in my day-to-day life that I feel would help me accomplish the bigger goals, but I have to find the patience and the motivation to make those changes. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on the “mundane” everyday tasks that move me towards my larger, more exciting goal.


I get so caught up in the forest that I tend to ignore the trees; and those trees need attention. (By the way, this is one of my favorite analogies; I apologize if I abuse it.) I have to remember to plant, to water, to nurture in every possible way every one of those little trees. I may not be happy with the color or the leaf size or whatever, but the only way to change that is to plant different seeds – hybrids if you will. Daily seeds of happiness in the small things and the small changes.

So I suppose my motivation is like one of those large pictures made up of small photos. And my challenge is learning to appreciate and find encouragement in those small, every day photos. So, as I am a huge fan of lists, I propose to make a list of goals to work on daily with the idea being that this blog and you, my dear readers, will somehow hold me accountable. You’ll know the success of that idea by the follow up or lack thereof (smile).

Motivation Goals

  • Find something satisfying in every day.
  • Remember to be grateful for each experience, be it big or small.
  • Cut back on the daydreaming and be more present in each daily scenario.
  • Create a thought board with my bigger goals made by smaller pictures to remind myself that this is how we create our worlds.
  • Take one small task that I’ve been trying to turn into a habit and do it.
  • Focus on an area of my life I want to change and begin the steps of pursuit.
  • Find activities to participate in that take place during the week.
  • Put dates on my To Do list and stick with them.
  • Breathe deep and let it be.

How about you guys – how/where do you find your motivation?? I need all the tips and tricks I can get, so please feel free to share!


Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You | Golden

Trees, Autumn

My hue lately has been one of transition. Some changes are in progress and some that need further action. So even though this should be a time of bright contrasting colors, everything seems just a bit muted as if the vibrancy is holding it’s breath waiting on the final decisions to be made. It’s also autumn – by far my favorite time of the year – and I trend more towards the golden colors that follow the season this time of year.

Travel Tuesday: Favorite Photo

Today’s Travel Tuesday linkup with Bonnie was a bit special. She asked that we share our favorite travel photo. Seems easy enough, right?? Yeah, not so much. But what’s life without a little challenge?

Highlands, Scotland, Sunset

Highlands, Scotland

With very few exceptions, I generally have at least one absolute favorite photo from each place that I visit. Ultimately, however, I chose this photo because it is the one I look at when I feel like my world’s gone crazy.

I can remember what I did that day, what I was wearing, how the air smelled, and how cold my hands were. But mostly I can remember just how happy I was to be alive and in that place at that moment. This was neither my first or last trip to Scotland, but this photo possesses a sensory memory (if that makes sense) beyond any of the others. One of my dreams is to move to Scotland and on days when I feel like I have no choice but to give up on that, I look at this photo and remember why I have that dream in the first place. And, well, it’s also a very beautiful sunset (smile).


A Compass Rose

My Bucket List(s)

Happy long weekend everyone!

As summer comes to a close and we start looking forward to fall (and cooler weather – finally!), I’ve been happily planning all of the upcoming holiday travels. This year is a big birthday for me (my *ahem* second 29th), so I have a special trip planned for November (big smile). Knowing that that birthday is coming up, I’ve really been re-assessing life – where I am and where I want to go. In the spirit of that, I’ve been thinking a lot about my bucket lists – primarily my travel bucket list. I have a terrible sense of wanderlust and honestly, I know that if I can just get to a place, there won’t be any shortage of fun people to meet and things to do. I don’t actually like to plan activities (at least not too many), as it interferes with the flexibility necessary for travel. Most of the fun in planning a trip is the anticipation of all the possibilities!

While doing some curiosity research on others’ bucket lists, I came across the reverse bucket list –  sort of a log of all the cool things that have already been accomplished. I have to admit, I was actually feeling a little disheartened after writing the travel bucket list. I felt like I should have accomplished more by this point in my life. But when I sat down to write the reverse bucket list, it gave me an opportunity to relive so many of the amazing experiences I’ve already had. It’s easy to get lost in the future and forget about all the wonderful memories. I hope that by sharing both of these lists I can inspire myself to remember where I’ve been while planning where I’m going, and others who may be looking to create their own bucket lists.