Wednesday Wisdom (8.10)

Joshua Tree National Park, Vince Lombardi quote

The last week or so I’ve felt like my life has been totally out of my control. Everything I’ve purposefully tried to do has fallen apart and it seems the only things that do work out are obligations foisted upon me by outside forces. It’s been incredibly frustrating.

I’m not really sure how to regain control of the situation (or as much control as any one of us can have). I dream of living a more purposeful life, but the reality is much more difficult to come by. Instead I keep daydreaming about a weekend escape, just by myself. I think I’m going to have to make that happen… I need a “reset” weekend.



Wednesday Wisdom (3.23)

flowers next to boulder, blue sky

My desire
is always the same; wherever Life
deposits me:
I want to stick my toe
& soon my whole body
into the water.
I want to shake out a fat broom
& sweep dried leaves
bruised blossoms
dead insects
& dust.
I want to grow
It seems impossible that desire
can sometimes transform into devotion;
but this has happened.
And that is how I’ve survived:
how the hole
I carefully tended
in the garden of my heart
grew a heart
to fill it.

~ Alice Walker

Wednesday Wisdom (9.9)

Stephanie Levy security quote

With everything going on lately, this passage really resonated. Sometimes the best you can do is remember that you can find the strength within you.

As a side note, with a busy fall coming up, it may be a bit quiet around this space. Although I do intend to keep up with the photo challenges and maybe a few random posts here and there. Really I just want to keep this space as a happy place and not let it slide into obligation. This blog has never been that and thus it has survived over two years now! (In writing that, I just realized I missed my 2-year blogiversary – oops!) I just need a bit of time to regroup and relax – no doubt I’ll be back in full swing in no time! (smile)

Also, a quick shout-out to my niece who turns 1 today!! (big happy auntie smile)